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Earliest birth yearLogan Birkholz ‎(I9079)‎
Birth December 7
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death yearThomas Andrews ‎(I7533)‎
Birth about 1539 Suffolk, England
Death 25 June 1593 ‎(Age 54)‎ Al Hallow Barking, London, Middlesex, England
Latest death year Larry Ray Birkholz Jr ‎(I2081)‎
Birth March 1970 29
Death 1 July 2014 ‎(Age 44)‎
Person who lived the longest
Catherine A. Wind ‎(I9267)‎
Birth 15 April 193 Wisconsin
Death 13 March 2002 ‎(Age 1808)‎ Woodbury, Washington, Minnesota
Average age at death
Males: 61   Females: 94
Family with the most children
Otto August Birkholtz + Eleanor Louise Katherine Remer ‎(F3412)‎
Marriage 17 April 1939 Winsted, McLeod Co., Minnesota - ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎(Lester Prairie branch)‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎
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Most Common Surnames
The Epicenter of Birkholz concentration
7 April 2011 - 10:39:43pm

The geographic epicenter of the villages named \"Birkholz\" is southwest, closer to Berlin. This, however, is what I\'ve come to think of as the epicenter of the Birkholz families, since over half of the known villages of origin are in this area. These include: Schlagenthin, Reetz, Schönfeld, and the Kreise: Greifenhagen, Saatzig, Neustettin.

Note that four Prussian provinces meet here. Arnswalde and the area just to the east of it, is the center of many of these villages. The Birkholzs from Posen, likely came from this area.

‎(This shows the Prussian provinces in the late 1800s. The epicenter is by the \"g\" in \"Brandenburg\".)‎

‎(This shows the current nation of Poland with the old Prussian provinces. The epicenter is by the \"g\" in \"Brandenburg\".)‎
In memory of our fallen...
7 April 2011 - 10:32:13pm

Vietnam War: Robert Earl Birkholz ‎(1936-1970)‎ -- ‎[one of the Berrien, MI branches]‎
David Dennis Berkholz ‎(1945-1967)‎ -- ‎[one of the other Berrien, MI branches]‎
Korean War: Melvin A. Birkholz ‎(1930-1951)‎ -- ‎[Lester Prairie branch]‎
WWII: Everett Ezra Birkholz ‎(1924-1944)‎ European theater -- ‎[Fon du Lac=>Kansas branch]‎
Frank Burkholtz Jr. ‎(????-1945)‎ Pacific theater -- ‎[branch unknown]‎

Birkholz villages
1 April 2009 - 11:15:49pm

There were at least 16 places that were named \"Birkholz\" ‎(\"birch-wood\")‎:

These fell within the area known for a while as the \"Neumark\" ‎(\"new frontier\")‎:
Kr. Dramburg; latitude=53.520 longitude=15.950 ‎(#7 below)‎ / Kosobudy
Kr. Friedeberg; latitude=52.870 longitude=15.480 ‎(#1 below)‎ / Brzoza
Kr. Königsberg; latitude=52.850 longitude=14.250 ‎(#13a below)‎ / Michałów
Kr. Züllichau-Schwiebus; latitude=52.230&longitude=15.450 ‎(#2 below)‎ / Borów

The list from Meyers Gazetteer:
1) Kr. Friedeberg, Brandenburg; East 15°29\' North 52°52\' / Brzoza
‎(village & estate)‎
2) Kr. Züllichau-Schwiebus, Brandenburg; East 15°26\' North 52°13\' / Borów
‎(village & estate)‎
3) Kr. Beeskow-Storkow, Brandenburg; East 14°12\' North 52°11\'
‎(village with colony)‎
4) near #3
‎(village & estate)‎
5) Kr. Niederbarnim, Brandenburg

6) Kr. Westprignitz, Brandenburg
7) Kr. Dramburg, Pommern/Pomerania; East 15°56\' North 53°30\' / Kosobudy
‎(village & estate)‎
8) Kr. Znin, Posen; East 17°32\' North 52°53\' / Nadborowo
9) LKr. Stendal, Sachsen/Saxony province; East 11°50\' North 52°25\'
‎(village & estate)‎
10) LKr. Schweidnitz, Schlesien/Silesia; East 16°33\' North 50°53\' / Gruszow
‎(village & estate)‎
11) Kr. Deutsch Krone, Westpreußen/West Prussia; East 16°04\' North 53°08\' / Brzezniak
12) Jagstkreis, Württemburg ‎(house belonging to Abtsgmünd)‎
13) Kr. Königsberg Neumark; East 14°40\' North 52°56\' / Brzezniak
‎(Vorwerk of Karlstein)‎
13a) Kartenmeister has another at: East 14°13\' North 52°51\' / Michałów

14) Kr. Saatzig, Pommern/Pomerania; East 15°07\' North 53°24\' / ???
‎(Vorwerk of Alt Damerow)‎
15) LKr. Stolp, Pommern/Pomerania;East 17°24\' North 54°17\' / ???
‎(Vorwerk of Gallensow)‎
16) Kr. Teltow,
‎(Vorwerk of Osdorf)‎

Kartenmeister also has:
Kr. Samland, Ostpreußen/East Prussia; East 20°44\' North 54°41\' / ???

Birkholz, Bernau bei Berlin, Brandenburg; East 13°35\' North 52°38\'
In other languages...
28 January 2009 - 12:01:27pm

In Czech, Birkholz is Březpví ‎(Brezovi)‎
Patent holders
16 May 2008 - 2:36:01pm

at least 39 US patents have been awarded to 11 Birkholzs. Some were only owners, 2 were not US residents.
The most ‎(19, 15 invented alone, 4 wholly owned)‎ were awarded to Richard Birkholz, a blind engineer in Milwaukee at the end of the 1800s.

255,715 Richard Birkholz Milwaukee, WI 28 MAR 1882 Roller grinding mill
256,628 Richard Birkholz ‎(assignor to Edw. P. Ellis)‎ Milwaukee, WI 18 APR 1882 Roll for grinding mills
257,647 Richard Birkholz Milwaukee, WI 28 MAR 1882 Grinding roll & its mfg method
355,124 Richard Birkholz ‎(assignor to Edw. P. Ellis)‎ Milwaukee, WI 28 DEC 1886 Spiral conveyor
392,726 Wm Gray & R Birkholz ‎( EP Ellis & Co)‎ Milwaukee, WI 13 NOV 1888 Grinding mill
376,522 Wm Gray, R Birkholz & E. Reynolds ‎( EP Ellis & Co)‎ Milwaukee, WI 17 JUN 1888 Wooden gear tooth
449,359 Richard Birkholz Milwaukee, WI 31 MAR 1891 Disiccating apparatus
451,395 Richard Birkholz ‎(ass. to Economy Dryer Co.)‎ Milwaukee, WI 28 APR 1891 Disiccating apparatus
467,137 Jacob Theurer & R Birkholz Milwaukee, WI 12 JAN 1892 Bottle soaking machine
585,178 Richard Birkholz Milwaukee, WI 29 JUN 1897 Stave-making machine
583,021 Richard Birkholz ‎(ass. to Pawling & Harnischfeger)‎ Milwaukee, WI 25 MAY 1897 Drying apparatus
582,327 Jacob Theurer & Richard Birkholz ‎(ass. to Pabst Brewing Co.)‎ Milwaukee, WI 28 APR 1897 Malting apparatus
669,250 Richard Birkholz ‎(ass. to Link Belt Machinery Co., Chicago, IL)‎ Milwaukee, WI 5 MAR 1901 Steaming tank
680,836 Richard Birkholz ‎(ass. to Liquid Carbonic Acid Mfg. Co., Chicago, IL)‎ Milwaukee, WI 20 AUG 1901 App for cleansing faucets & their connections
714,856 Richard Birkholz, dec. ‎(ass. to Galland-Henning Pneumatic Malting Drum Mfg. Co.)‎ Milwaukee, WI 2 DEC 1902 Press
710,742 Richard Birkholz ‎(ass. to A, JW, ER & I Birkholz)‎ Milwaukee, WI 7 OCT 1902 Bottle washing machine
722,443 Richard Birkholz, dec. ‎(ass. to E. Goldman & Co., Chicago, IL)‎ Milwaukee, WI 10 MAR 1903 Pressure regulating dev. for pumps
727,575 Richard Birkholz, dec. ‎(ass. to Link Belt Machinery Co., Chicago, IL)‎ Milwaukee, WI 12 MAY 1903 Treating bottled goods
787,971 Richard Birkholz, ‎(ass. to E. Goldman & Co., Chicago, IL)‎ Milwaukee, WI 25 APR 1905 App. for treating filter-pulp

269,841 Hans Birkholz Racine, WI 26 DEC 1882 Roller grinding mill
371,542 Hans Birkholz ‎(assignor to Edw. P. Ellis)‎ Milwaukee, WI 18 OCT 1887 Spiral conveyor
368,182 Hans Birkholz Milwaukee, WI 16 AUG 1887 Spiral conveyor
404,888 Hans Birkholz ‎(assignor to E. P. Allis)‎ Milwaukee, WI 11 JUN 1889 Apparatus for casting chill-rings
404,889 Hans Birkholz ‎(assignor to E. P. Allis)‎ Milwaukee, WI 11 JUN 1889 Apparatus for casting chilled corrugated rollers
415,604 Hans Birkholz ‎(assignor to E. P. Allis)‎ Milwaukee, WI 19 NOV 1889 Spiral conveyor
426,488 Hans Birkholz ‎(assignor to E. P. Allis & Co)‎ Milwaukee, WI 29 APR 1890 Conveyor
455,384 Hans Birkholz ‎(assignor to E. P. Allis & Co)‎ Milwaukee, WI 7 JUL 1891 Conveyor
1,511,702 Hans Birkholz, Sr Milwaukee, WI 14 OCT 1924 Flexible coupling

484,873 Joseph A. Birkholz Racine, WI 25 OCT 1892 Lock for the wheels of children\'s carriages
145,608 Joseph A. Birkholz Orange, NJ 16 AUG 1921 Building wall & partition panels made of concrete, etc.
1,484,206 Joseph A. Birkholz Orange, NJ 19 FEB 1924 Building unit

34,621 Alexander Birkholz Hartford, CT 11 MAR 1862 Composition metal of iron, zinc & copper
537,435 Emil F. Birkholz ‎(ass of 1/3 to Fred. Wolf)‎ Eden Prairie, WI 16 APR 1895 Manual boat propulsioin
696,098 Moritz Hambuger & AJ Birkholz Budapest, Austria Hungary 25 MAR 1902 Combined week-note & day block-calendar
789,276 Geo. B. Hastings ‎(ass of 1/2 to F. T. Birkholz)‎ Pine Island, MN 9 MAY 1905 Protecting pad
1,165,835 Ernest Birkholz ‎(ass. to The Birkholz Company, Chicago, IL)‎ 28 DEC 1915 Gas burner
1,204,421 Rudolph H Engelebert ‎(ass. 1/4 to H.E. Birkholz, Milw; 1/2 to Intl Harvester Corp.)‎ 14 NOV 1916 Locking device for belt-shifters
1,355,530 Albert A. Birkholz Zurich, Switz 12 OCT 1920 App for generating illuminating gas
1,451,524 Benjamin L. Birkholz Colonia, NJ 10 APR 1923 Controlling mechanism for toilet stools
4,558,276 Leon Comeau & Roger O. Birkholz Grand Forks, ND 10 DEC 1985 Device/method for sensing flowing electrical current

410,484 John P. Berkholz Philadelphia, PA 3 SEP 1889 Machine for cutting screw-blanks and screws
232,926 John Berkholz, ass of 1/2 interest to J. P. Hall Philadelphia, PA 5 OCT 1880 Clutching and releasing device for shafts

The Branches
25 January 2008 - 9:33:32am

Preliminary analysis of the data indicates these are the branches that have the most descendants in the United States.
‎(Ranking is a rough indicator of the number of descendants. )‎
RankingIDFirst settledImmigratedOldest known coupleCame from
124523Monroe Co., WI1882-4Christian & Marianne Klingbeil ‎(1760?-1830?)‎Kr. Chodziesen, Posen
98878Todd Co, MN ‎(Dodge & Green Lake Co., WI)‎c 1878Michael & Wilhelmine Scheel ‎(1820-1895)‎Schlagenthin, Brandenburg / Pyritz, Pomerania
781883Lester Prairie ‎(McLeod Co., MN)‎1874-5Ludwig & Amelia L. J. Jahnke ‎(1846-1934)‎Kr Obornik, Posen
692584Howard Lake ‎(Wright Co., MN)‎1880Johann F. & Amelia S. D. Wendland ‎(1809-1890)‎Kr. Saatzig, Pomerania
544346Floyd Co., IA ‎(after Ripon, WI)‎1868August & Ernestine F ___ + William & Martha ‎(1841-1929)‎Reetz, Brandenburg
342788Ogle Co., ILbet 1854 & 1888Michael & Augustine ___ ‎(1830?-????)‎Schönau?, ???
324136Chicago, IL1885Julius & Florentine Stencil ‎(1832-????)‎Bromberg, Posen
322103Berrien Co., MI ‎(Saugatuck, MI)‎???Gust__ & Sophia M. Schultz ‎(1850-1926)‎???
272976Saint Paul, MNbet 1846 & 1875August & Pauline ___ ‎(1846?-1920?)‎???
255193Kidder Co., ND???Arthur J. & Rose Kruckesverge ‎(1906-1996)‎???
214770Waupaca Co., WIbet 1844 & 1892August & Friedericke ___ ‎(1822-1915?)‎???
214028Tigerton, WI ‎(Shawano / Winnebago / Fond Du Lac / Oneida / Marathon Cos., WI)‎1888or89Herman G. & Othelia Hermann ‎(1864-1930)‎Posen
20162Milwaukee, WI ‎(Barron / Dunn Cos., WI)‎???Herman? & ??? ‎(1875?-????)‎???
176Cedarburg, Ozaukee Co., WI ‎(Washington / Sheboygan Cos., WI)‎1868 ‎(May)‎Gottlieb & Gustine Nerenberg ‎(1829-1915)‎Schönfeld, Kr. Arnswalde, Brandenburg
?3806 Cedarburg, Ozaukee Co., WI1868 ‎(July)‎Johann & Hannah Brechlin ‎(1831-1860?)‎Schönfeld, Kr. Arnswalde, Brandenburg
161640Berrien Co., MI ‎(Saugatuck, MI & LaPorte, IN)‎c 1854August & Caroline Youre ‎(1825?-1905)‎???
14731Chippewa Co.,WI ‎(Barron Co., WI)‎1868Daniel & ??? ‎(?-1925)‎Posen
144588Stutsman Co., ND???Gottlieb & Kathleen Block + Martin + Michael ‎(1840?-????)‎???
132859Joliet, IL1890Wilhelm & Charlotte Krause ‎(1830-?)‎Klein Hertzberg ‎(Kr. Neustettin, Pomerania?)‎
122715Manitowoc Co., WI1863Michael E. & Eva R. J. S. Hintz ‎(1824-1898)‎Adamowo, West Prussia
122235Manitowoc Co., WI???Daniel & Karoline Krause ‎(1826-1873West Prussia
12148Chicago, ILAugust & ?Amanda Volkmann? (1880?-????)‎
?5596Milwaukee, MN1890\'sCharles & Mathilda Rosenfeld ‎(????-????)‎Kr. Greifenhagen, Pomerania

The Immigrants and their Passenger Lists
5 October 2006 - 11:06:47pm

There is a list, under construction, of Birkholzs found on passenger lists through the years. Many entries also have the actual images of the passenger list pages.
Why am I doing this?
29 September 2006 - 11:17:33pm

I\'ve been collecting info on all Birkholzs since about 1975. Before I knew where my Birkholz ancestors came from, and research become much easier thanks to modern technology, I wondered how many Birkholzs were in the US, and how they were related. My prime goal is to identify every Birkholz immigrant. I use easily-obtained records to create a database of all adult Birkholzs. I started with phone books and now use the many online resources to gather clues. All this is supplemented by calling people on the phone and getting more info. It used to be much easier, but these days people are ‎(rightly so)‎ very concerned about identity theft. For those of you who take the time to tell me about your families, I\'m very appreciative and almost always have a thoroughly enjoyable conversation.

Once I have all the living families entered, I\'ll be working backwards in time, using the census info heavily. I\'ve found records for about 30 immigrations and hope to find more. Then we\'ll try to identify the origins. If I live long enough, we\'ll try to work through the German records and see how many of these families are related.

My best guess is that the US contains about 75 branches which haven\'t been linked together yet. I would guess there are a total of some 500 family units with living members.

Everyone is welcome to edit this data. I intend to keep this database online as long as I\'m alive, so feel welcome to use this data as a resource for your immediately family. I encourage you to upload photos, it makes the data so much more \"alive\".
Birkholz facts
23 September 2006 - 6:29:58pm

The name \"Birkholz\" is almost certainly derived from one of 16 villages named Birkholz. The word \"Birkholz\" translates to \"Birch wood\", and these villages were certainly situated ‎(at one time anyway)‎ by some birch trees. These trees are plentiful in the area where these villages are found, the border area of present day Germany and Poland. In the 1800s, this area was centered near the corner where four Prussian provinces bordered each other: Brandenburg, Pomerania, West Prussia and Posen. The area encompassed roughly the closest third of each of these provinces.

For more information, including maps click here
23 September 2006 - 7:12:07am

The most common spelling is \"BIRKHOLZ\", and the runner up is \"BIRKHOLTZ\".
The first vowel can also be \"E\" or \"U\", there can be a \"T\" before the \"Z\", or not, and sometimes a \"C\" is put before the \"K\". The Polanized spelling is \"BIRKHOLC\". One source claims the pronounciation in the homeland was \"BARG holz\". There have been some \"von Birkholz\" families, as well.
How to remove something
23 August 2006 - 1:18:31pm

I grab anything I can find in the publically accessible records. If you find some information or an image that you do not want to be shared *, email me and I will remove the item‎(s)‎.

* Birkholzs with accounts can see all the data and photos. The rest of the world can only see data and photos of deceased persons.
How to use this website
18 August 2006 - 6:16:44pm

The genealogy information on this website is powered by PhpGedView. This page provides an introduction and overview to this genealogy.

To begin working with the data, choose one of the charts from the Charts menu, go to the Individual list, or search for a name or place.

If you have trouble using the site, you can click on the Help icon to give you information on how to use the page that you are currently viewing.

Thank you for visiting this site.
Other online Birkholz connections:
18 August 2006 - 6:12:24pm

Melissa Birkholz has had a website about all Birkholzs for several years.
I admin a mailing list on Rootsweb
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August William Birkholz ‎(I792)‎
Birth 21 April 1856 28 36 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin
Death 1935 ‎(Age 78)‎
Joseph Albert Daddy Joe Birkholz ‎(I833)‎
Birth 7 June 1867 36 29 near Quincy, Illinois
Death 17 May 1949 ‎(Age 81)‎ Roselle, Union Co., New Jersey
Prof. Prof. Gustav Birkholz ‎(I8600)‎
Birth before 1875
Death Yes
Albert Birkholz ‎(I8948)‎
Birth 1 September 1904 36 27 Neu Grunau, Kr. Flatow, Westprueßen, Prussia, Germany
Death 1944 ‎(Age 39)‎ missing in action, WWII, SE of Warsaw, Poland
All Birkholzs - ‎(ONS)‎

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